Monday, March 30, 2009


(Sorry for the graphicness- thinking how one can have great fear & unrest inside (and fear of the inside for that matter), yet seem so poised on the outside-- real challenge is to be poised on the inside. Anyhow, I'll stop the ramble and wish youzz an early happy Halloween. I'll try and lighten up next post, haha).
(Also, this, for the most part, isn't an illo of me- I'm not as poised on the outside- dunno about the inside).

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Started this, but put it down - was getting late and too intricate.

Outside with the dog the other night, I heard strange, horrible, loud, crying or screaming sound- like a mixture of a very loud cawing crow, screeching hawk, and a crying baby. It was pitch black out, I was straining to see what was going on, I thought maybe the dog bit something that bit back, and was in trouble. My eyes finally adjusted a little and I could make out that it was a dark furry brown creature clamped in her jaws. I could see she was straining to apply more pressure to finish the job, but luckily it was too big for her to get the proper fix on- plus I was yelling at her to "DROP IT!" As she let go, it bolted like lightning through the gap in the fence. Though I couldn't see it clearly, I'm sure it was a rabbit, but never knew they could make such loud, horrible sounds, let alone any sound. In the morning I looked for blood or a body, but found neither; I hope that the injuries, if any, were minor, and that this one lived.
Ahh,'s an intricate thing- sometimes it's a can't live with it, can't live without it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Great memories of breezy times. Always have loved a good snow storm- may not look peaceful, but is for me at least, and at the same time, energizing- really fun- and wakes me up. Good to get a break from things every once in a while; in storms like this, things are so quiet, not many creatures are out or aware of each other- there's rarely any crime, battles, business, or anything going on- everything but the weather stops- you can be out in the world, but insulated from it. Plus, it's so cozy and warm when finally back indoors.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of Winter! Just stay off the highways if it storms.