Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worry? –

Atlas Duck doesn't [worry]- he just shrugs - and stuff rolls off his back.
(urrg- sorry).

(Continuing my quack from last week: I'd like to waddle down the animation path too-- so I can maybe animate a better waddle- quack)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Wide range o' s%$#! that I wanna do- blah blah blah- Was really getting into fiddling with video couple of years ago- haven't much touched it in over a year now. Get sidetracked all the time– with all this tech stuff in the world, it gets to be too much sometimes-- often long for simpler times, when wasn't such a wide array of paths. Anyway, I went into old weird fiddle-video that came to mind when I saw the topic Wide, and clipped the clip posted below– found I've forgotten a lot of the FinalCut shortcuts, etc. Seems always having to choose one road over another- sometimes I wish I could take them all (insert here - cliches about time (they're pretty true)). Maybe I'll get back to video soon, anyhow. Guess wide area of life involves need to choose- sometimes I put off choosing- I hem and haw over what to do for so long- that the choices disappear- which really sucks (coincidentally, sorta happened yesterday) (insert here - cliches about time & regret, etc.). I'm thankful to have choices still, whatever the case.

Minimal(ist) choices vs. wide
One way
Which way?-
It's getting(?) stale here in Doodlesville-
I'm predicting myself.

Just now remembering Castaway- great film.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I planted to paint an idea I had for this week's topic, but...