Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's so 'quiet' you can hear a...:

If a pin falls in a vacuum, and there is somebody there to hear it- does it make a sound?
Speaking of vacuums--- some government leaders(?)- certain pinheads and their domestic and foreign policies(?) - SUCK!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fear is a large part of nature's built-in survival kit; depending on the situation, the fright flight or stand and fight deal kicks in- and hopefully saves whom-or-whatever. Without fear- we'd be in big trouble. The only thing we have to fear is lack of fear itself. But I know what you were saying Winston (whoops- I mean Frank)- do we give in to it or do we rise up and at least try and defeat it lest we be defeated?
Is fear different than phobia? According to the dictionary- a phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it. I think that most phobias are rational fears; like most things, there is just differing degrees of rationality to them- and anyway, some things people are phobic about are surely better avoided than not.

So some phobias are less rational than others- ex:, a fear of spiders is more rational than a fear of blowing one's nose (I have an uncle with this phobia- his son, my cousin, is shown in this detail of an illustration I did a few years back dealing with fear).

Umm- what else- well- fear of flying is more rational than a fear of going to the dentist (this uncle and his older sister, my aunt- both are extremely phobic in regards to visiting the dentist- as a result, both have lost most of their teeth)- oh- and they also both have a phobia of flying. My uncle's an intelligent (though he is a republican) and tough ex-marine who had flown many thousands of miles in his life. One day, while at the airport, he was watching all the planes etc. out on the tarmac, when suddenly a great fear came over him- since then- no more flying. Anyway- every phobia that I've touched on here can be rationalized to varying degrees-: many spiders can sting with a bite- and a few of them can kill, blowing one's nose can be dangerous too: Beware Nose Blowing - I don't know if it could cause an aneurism or whatnot. Also, we all know the dangers of flight- and the dentist can be painful, and in rare cases life threatening.
When we don't fight at all due to fear, as Winston warned against- fear defeats us-- we can lose our teeth- our ability to breathe through our noses- our ability to travel easily- and on and on- this all kinda leans towards the irrational- but I don't know- nothing's easy.
Anyhow- I guess a totally irrational fear would be the phobia of being terrorized by a dentist and a box of tissues on the wing of the plane while flying at 20,000 feet [TZone]. So you have to be crazy to have a true phobia? Well there's no such thing as crazy or weird- it's just differing degrees of normalcy.

I have a few fears/phobias- the biggest being my fear of nothing- or I should say- nothingness.

I don't fear last week's topic- "change'--- just the opposite- I'm phobic of monotony. I tried a change in style w/the wing monsters illo- a few hundred more and I may or may not get the hang of it- but I'll be ready for another change. I do fear I've gone on way too long enough here, and probably had many lapses in making any sense--- so I'll shut up here already!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Change is difficult- the kind that is inevitable and out of our control- and the often more difficult change- that which we are the sole captains of- that which we may not want- but know we need regardless of how terrifying its prospect may be.
Here is a fresh photo of "change"- changing my packrat ways- letting go and freeing myself of the weight of long past moments. I was going through boxes today - some dating back to college- and some containing items from early childhood. My thread bare baby blanket is now out of the box and in the bag- a movie stub from the last time I saw a visiting old girlfriend (13yrs ago), old test prints in Kodak paper envelopes from school, and a doodle from the same time I did after reading *Frankenstein- all and more now in the bag.
*I had always thought of Frankenstein as your basic horror story- but after reading it, my view changed. It is one of the saddest books I feel I've ever read. So one thing Mary communicated was that Frankenstein was not the monster- but instead the society which judged and condemned him was. Has society changed since Mary wrote this? Doesn't seem so. Oh- and as you see in this bag are items from a time when photography was still old school film & chemical darkrooms etc.- though it was however just beginning to change to digital. Lots of changes today.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Location is backyard- used to be part of cow pasture- but it seems the green pastures are becoming a thing of the past.
(Old photo I took of farm and cow while on roadtrip back in school days. Meeting my cow friend pictured here is one reason why I gave up eating cow- and shortly after the the cow meeting, I met someone's pet pig- and I gave up eating pig. Pigs are really very intelligent and friendly- cows are curious, and can be friendly. Oh yeah- soon after meeting pig- I met someone's pet chicken- it was surprisingly very friendly and curious and followed people around- I stopped eating chicken after this meeting. The dog is a friend of mine who is smart and friendly too- I've been friends with dogs all my life- so have never eaten dog). The horse is a sketch I did not long ago for a painting I've yet to start- and probably wont. (The horse is the pet of the same person who has the pet chicken- I've been around horses forever- but never really became friends with any- not sure why- maybe because the ones I've met haven't been very friendly- but I never have nor would eat them. So unfriendly things don't go on my plate either). No time to plant a pig and chicken in this post, just have a cow, horse, and dog- e-i-e-i-o:

P.S. I don't preach vegetarianism- -what's right for me- maybe's not right for you- though... It's a weird weird world- who knows what's universally right.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Safe or Unsafe