Monday, August 10, 2009


I’ve been waiting too patiently- and recently figured I better stop procrastinating, and try and find what(?) I’ve been waiting too patiently for. So-- on the road visiting and looking around- not sure when I’ll get back home(?). Impatience can maybe be a good thing-- but dunno.
Anyhow, while at second stop- visiting a very talented friend- I gave short lesson in oil painting (not that I'm the authority)- then sketched in pixels the teabag on a plate- nothing too exciting, and it gives the opposite feeling of impatience- kind of earthy and relaxed feel. I didn’t feel like painting at all- let alone in oil- definitely have to be in mood to paint-- whatever the medium- and one can’t be too impatient-- however, digital sketching and painting seems to be my medium of choice when I'm impatient - there’s no setup or clean-up- and it’s pretty immediate and forgiving-- so the medium here is the message for this Impatience IF post.

Well- I’m growing impatient now typing all this- so I’ll just hit publish.