Saturday, June 20, 2009


This IF topic brought to mind the first time I heard The Lord's Prayer--
When I was maybe 10 years old- saw movie on TV - the only thing that stuck with me from it (to this day- and for ever and ever) was a scene in which an astronaut gets cut from his tether and goes drifting off into infinity - at which point he calmly -- bravely accepts his fate and recites The Lord's Prayer. (Pretty much the situation we're all in from birth- I guess).

I remember nothing else about the film- anyone know what film? (I still get most all of religious edu. via the movies & TV- haven't been watching much lately though- watching or not- may be why I'm still agnostic).

Friday, June 05, 2009


Craved illustrating craving and a haiku- and craving end to procrastinating...
I'm now trying to resist a craving to babble about craving.

hey! no babble(?)-- success!

(Guy kinda looks like cross between Don Knotts, Napoleon Dynamite [Jon Heder], a platypus, and me)