Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've seen stuff like this on the road- but never on the couch- and never relating to sort of an acquaintance- always been detached- somewhat. Been seeing this rabbit, Rabbit, in neighbor's yard for months now- really cute- living the good life, enjoying the grass and leaves and clover and sun and rain and everything (hear the Snow White music chime in with birds chirping, etc.). It lived with its family in an over-grown ex-cow pasture over the fence- set to be another ugly housing development- now on hold due to housing market shizzle- (maybe only good thing about the shizzle is that some green land/rabbit homes will survive a little longer). So anyway, this past Thursday, Rabbit finally found its way over to Dog's yard- which sadly spelled the end of the good life for him(her?). I walked in house and saw them there in living room - Dog has never killed more than a small snake before- and she seemed confused, and or detached, or I don't know exactly what- she just was lying there staring into space- sort of worried and sad looking- and seemingly oblivious to my arrival. I blurted out something like ahh maaann- %$#@!- and yelled bad dog! a few times- and then cleaned the scene of the crime up- the couch at least survived due to the absence of any blood or goo. I apologized later, Dog was just doing what dogs do (however, detached from the wild, she was never taught why she did it- thus the confusion). I couldn't hunt- I don't even like to watch the scenes in nature shows that show animals hunting and killing. (I'm a vegetarian, but I suppose I could maybe hunt if I had to for survival, ex., if stranded on Veggieless Island). I thought about hunters who do it for ego- for fun- for sport, and don't even eat their victims- that's just senseless and wrong- but that's just my opinion. I guess if there is a need to cull a herd to prevent starvation and a slower, more painful death- then hunting may make sense- I guess just have to accept the dark side of nature along with the bunnies.
The above sketch is of the scene as best I remember- I closed my eyes- looked- opened- sketched- or maybe not in that order. The below is Dog's mug-shot- I swear it wasn't me who ratted her out!

Friday, August 01, 2008


Poof that I procrastinate:

- first thought was magic/magicians- then, poof, the song "It's Magic" started playing in my head- I know the tune, but wasn't too familiar with lyrics- looked it up- wow- Sammy Cahn was talented dude. It's Magic. Que romantico- but then I went to idea of poof as proof ala Barbra Wawa's or a toddler's tongue- something mathematical or scientific.
Anyway- I can't procrastinate., etc., so, poof- went to simple poof- quickly decided to go with a nuclear poof- but wanted to twist to the +. Best to think +.
Didn't really get that nuclear feeling- but
poof went my time.