Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Blues?

Stream of haikus- or of something-

I don't gotta right
I try not to sing the blues
Lucky me and you

Snowy orange grove
Recall this old town blues bar
Was told it's long gone

(The orange and blue
Opposites or compliments?
5 more syllables)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Drew this Friday night- but had too much to juggle- so wasn't able to look over it and upload. Tight weekend deadline (due date is manana)- I'd like to finish tonight, but can't- and will have new deadline on top of it tomorrow (which, looking at the clock, I see it already is [tomorrow]). Since I'm now at a stopping point for various reasons- I am typing this and will upload sketch. Juggling.

Interested in what people who are successful in business are made of (I'm really interested in what everyone and everything are made of). There are no absolutes(?), but it seems obvious that those who maintain successful businesses must be great jugglers (multi-taskers). It also seems that the really successful are ready, willing, and able to go for the jugulars of those who they perceive pose some sort of obstacle to their success. Good or bad? (I say 'bad'- but whatever). Can we transcend what is or isn't in our blood though? Some people get struck by lightning or suffer brain injuries, and, as result, seemingly become someone else. Some become gifted in areas which they previously were not- such as math, music, writing, etc.- though some become (more) mentally disabled, of course. So there are some sort of on/off switches in us.
Well- I'm babbling, and have neither time, energy, nor any gift to think and comment further on the subject(s)- aren't you glad... click- zzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, September 16, 2007


A distant memory sketch of the first wedding I attended when around 10 years old. Our dog Gretchen was in heat, so she dug her way under the fence on a mission to have relations with the neighbor dog Pepe- pregnancy was a testament to her success. Well my sister decided to make Pepe do the honorable thing- so she dressed Gretchen and him up in wedding attire, invited our friends over, put the bride and groom into a shopping cart, wheeled them down the aisle- and voila- Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

(I think we put them in a shopping cart to prevent them from running away- not quite a 'shotgun wedding,' but... So make sure you spay or neuter your pet(s)- to prevent unwanted marriages).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


If get bored and/or are busy- no oblig. to read through following (thinking sort of when house guests are forced to watch hosts' family slideshows):

Momentum by remembrance:
My Great Aunt Bessie passed away yesterday morning- basically from years of smoking- she died from emphysema.
She did make it to 98 - with all her faculties- living in her apartment, strong to the end and drinking a few strong ones everyday. 98, but she didn't want to leave the table yet- she was feisty and still hungry for more. I don't know if I want to be aware when near leaving- subject always reminds me of a great man I knew who not only was aware on his hospice death bed (f'n cancer)- but refused meds so that he "could experience death itself." His wife and a Native American shaman held his hand- the shaman helped guide him over to the "other side"- she said he was a little resistant in his last moments here- but finally crossed over peacefully. I don't do drugs (yes- it's true)- however, don't know how brave I'll be if aware when near the end. I don't know what to believe- irt the 'other side' and all- I'm cynical, but open- I wish open more fanatically so- less resistance and all- I'm surely not an atheist - I do not believe it is delusional to believe all is possible- (doubt sucks- I guess [ I'd bring up the whole recently illuminated deal with Mother Teresa- amazing human being- but too much here]).
So Bessie was the last surviving of 5 siblings- and with her gone, it seems to me like the end of an era- none of my great aunts and uncles and grandparents are here anymore. They did all live pretty long lives- though Bessie almost didn't make it past 5 or 6 years old; the story goes that one day my grandfather, 4 years her elder, was watching her and didn't do such a good job of it- as she ended up wandering off into a bullpen. Her mother came running frantically in search of Bessie, and found her behind the iron bars of the pen which Bessie had managed to squeeze through. Without pause, my great grandmother in a miraculous feat of strength, with her bare hands bent the bars apart- rescuing my great aunt. Great Grandma (I never met her and need to ask my dad what her first name was) was a tiny woman- well under 5ft tall- so how did she manage to bend those bars - bars which even a large man could not have bent? Love - mom-entum and adrenaline- I guess.

A link to past momentum:

Monday, September 03, 2007


I don't know anyone in that restaurant- just passing by- not minding- or minding(?) my own business. Not that it has anything to do with any of this- but just now thought to ask-- what do the p's and q's stand for in "mind your p's and q's"?