Friday, April 10, 2009

Wabbit & Time

: [Ref. Intricate post] I guess it lived- unless this is just a relative-- they do make lots of them.
So, don't know if I'll get to post for IF's Fleeting- time is fleeting will probably be the theme--- was thinking of doing something on it- and also about this rabbit. With camera I had, was hard to get close enough for a good pic to capture this fleeting moment/rabbit. Reminds me now how I love photographs--- for the past few years, when I've gone to galleries or giant shows - the photos have tended to grab me more so than works in other mediums- (not to say I like photos over great paintings, sculptures, etc.- they have a magic of their own (how 'bout the cave paintings...). Anyway, not exactly sure what it is about good photographs- the freezing of that fleeting moment for all time- think it's something to do with the reality of it- it's real- authentic; not so much an artist's interpretation--- the photo takes me right to wherever its setting, subject, time is- if a portrait, it gets closer to real contact with the real person- you can look right into the actual eyes of the subject and maybe get to know a part of who they are/were--- how about comparing the value of a painting from life of Jesus to a photograph of him (I'm not a [organized] religious person- I'm pretty much agnostic (or a cynical Buddhist)- but it would be fascinating to have a photo of him, hey? -- More so than a painting- though a painting from life would be pretty amazing too- or of other historical great ancient figures and/or events for that matter-- how about a photo of the construction of the pyramids, or of Stonehenge? Or the dinosaurs? Or how about the first moment of everything (if there is/was one?)?
Anyhow- speaking of bunnies and Jesus: to those of you who celebrate Easter- Happy Easter!

Just now, as I finished the above thought/ramble- an illustration I did sophomore year in college (mumble mumble years ago) popped into my head- as it dealt with motion- and think it captures a fleeting moment. Sophomoric image...


Blogger HARDWAX said...

I'm happy to see the cutie, and he looks fine. Thanks for posting this doodleman.
I think a subject is elevated to the status of a star, and becomes more than what it is with the artist, as with your illo for "fleeting", and I think if it were a photo, interest for most viewers would be short lived.
When one wants real, and no lies, I think a photo is desired.

Amen, and happy easter to you, even you don't - Easter

6:37 PM  
Blogger HARDWAX said...


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Blogger studio lolo said...

Could it be the same bunny that fell prey to a certain naughty terrier?
I'm just impressed that the easter bunny came to see you on the day.
Could be a ressurection!(sp?)

I'm not religious in an organized way either but I couldn't resist the play here.

I love your ramblings about photos. Imagine if we could have photographed certain things and times in life. Wow. Mind blowing!

I'm off to your escalator now ;)

5:43 PM  
Blogger get zapped said...

I like the series together. Makes for an interesting image.

So nice to hear your take on bunnies, life etc. I'm digging the music once again :)

Happy Friday!!

3:26 PM  

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