Wednesday, October 15, 2008

String Explaination

Stuff I thought of when I saw the Stringy IF topic: Charlie Parker with Strings, Frank Sinatra singing I've Got the World on A String, then I thought how amazing it is when all things necessary exist and somehow align in certain rare individuals which enable these lucky few to far exceed skill levels of all others in their perspective fields- which then made me think of Michael Jordan. Out of the thousands and thousands of musicians, singers, and hoops players who came before and after Bird, Frank, and Jordan- very very few, if any, even come close to the level of these three guys.
(Do you really love some music, but are kinda embarrassed to listen to it in public? Well I love Bird and Bird with Strings (not all)- it's kinda old fashioned sounding- but it hits a spot in me. Does listening to it with fellow bloggers count as listening to it in public?).


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I'm going to leave my comment where your sketch is. You're awesome btw!

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